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Lipografter System - KVAC Syringe

The Lipografter™ System



The Lipografter™ System is an efficient and cost effective solution to large volume fat harvesting, processing and grafting, the Lipografter™ saves valuable time in the operating room.
It improves operational efficiency through the principles of economy of motion achieving minimal manipulation of the fat, saving precious time in the operating room.
Its patented Atraumatic Tissue Value (AT-Valve) allows for harvesting, processing and reinjection in a closed system.

The Lipografter System™ comes with a complete KVAC Kit including:

  • 1x KVAC Syringe
  • 1x AT VALVE
  • 4x Collection Bags
  • 1x Transfer Tube Set

This product is packaged Sterile. Single use only!