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The Lipografter™ System


Dr. Roger Khouri
LipografterDeveloped by Dr. Roger Khouri as an efficient and cost effective solution to large volume fat harvesting, processing and grafting, the Lipografter™ saves valuable time in the operating room.  It improves operational efficiency through the principles of economy of motion achieving minimal manipulation of the fat, saving precious time in the operating room. Its patented Atraumatic Tissue Value (AT-Valve) allows for harvesting, processing and reinjection in a closed system.

The Lipografter System™ comes sterile with a complete KVAC Kit including a KVAC Syringe, AT Valve, four collection bags and one transfer tubing set. We recommend selecting three cannulas to complete your System: one infiltration, one harvesting and one reinjection cannula. (View our entire line of cannulas.)

Contact your Account Manager by phone to choose your Infiltration, Harvester and Reinjection cannulas for your Lipografter System.

If you’re ready to buy the Lipografter System™ without cannulas at our regular price, you can purchase it online now.