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1-To-1 Open Rhinoplasty Live Education Day by Dr. Enrico Robotti

November 28, 2020


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Course Overview

This is a highly concentrated, interactive, rhinoplasty 1-to-1 education full day,
held by Dr Enrico Robotti exclusively.

To allow participation, to attendees from different time zones, the course will be concentrated over a span of 9 hours, from 12:30 to 21:30 CEST (UTC +2).

My current practice being exclusively rhinoplasty, I will go in great detail through my whole current philosophy, pearls and tips, with a practical format based on clinical examples and videoteaching.

In addition to everything above, we will also cover:
  • My planning
  • My logic
  • My techniques
  • My evolution in preservation, structural and hybrid rhinoplasty 

Course Registration

Click on the button below to go to the registration page.
For any questions regarding the course, please contact the course organizer – [email protected]
Course registration fee is €250 (VAT Incl.)

Course Agenda

Preliminary, subject to change.
Please double check the exact time zone that you are in. All the times posted below are CEST (UTC +2).


12:30 Analysis and planning. Building a checklist

12:45 Cone-beam CT scan

13:00 Open rhinoplasty approach and which dissection planes

13:10 The DORSUM: restructure or preserve. Why and when

13:20 Structural: component separation- incremental reduction, spreader grafts, spreader flaps. Videotechnique clips

13:40 Straightening the septum: in situ and extracorporeal. The use of perforated ethmoid plate. Turbinoplasty. Videotechnique clips

14:00 Osteotomy and Osteoplasty. Which and when. Power and Piezo tools. Videotechnique clips


14:20 BREAK


14:40 The Crooked nose. Videotechnique clips

14:55 Dorsum -oriented example Videocases

15:10 Q&A and open microphone

15:30 Preservation: Piezo-assisted pushdown, let-down. Videotechnique clips

15:45 Personal dorsal split cartilaginous pushdown method. Videotechnique clips

16:05 Q&A and open microphone


16:20 BREAK


16:40 The TIP plane of dissection and restructure/preserve. Why and when

16:50 Tip Support: Strut, Tongue-in-Groove, Septal Extension Graft. Videotechnique clips

17:05 Tip shape: my suture algorithm. Videotechnique clips

17:15 Tip Sidewall: tensioning and lateral crura steal, lateral crura struts, articulated grafts, alar contour grafts. Videotechnique clips

17:30 Preservation concepts in tip surgery:plane of dissection, strut, ligaments. Videotechnique clips

17:45 Tip -oriented Example Videocases

18:00 Q&A and open microphone

18:20 Hybrid Structural-Preservation combination techniques in Dorsum and Tip – Example Videocases


18:30 BREAK


18:50 Secondary Rhinoplasty: understanding indications and principles

19:00 Finesse Rib Grafting: harvesting and segmenting-shaping. Videotechnique clips

19:15 DCF and free diced cartilage Videotechnique clips

19:25 Using Perichondrium and Rectus Fascia: Personal SPF and SPLF method for dorsum contouring. Videotechnique clips

19:40 Secondary Rhinoplasty: Example Videocases

19:55 Secondary Rhinoplasty:  Rib-Focus Example Videocases

20:10 Q&A and open microphone

20:30 Personal Special Instruments for refined Rhinoplasty Practice

20:40 Postop care and what matters practically

20:50 Primary Rhinoplasty (edited video)

21:10 Secondary Rhinoplasty with rib grafting (edited video)

Why Should You Attend?


November 28, 2020


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