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Martin's Arm - Surgical Assistant

Martins Arm Marina Medical

Marina Medical’s Martin’s Arm allows for quick, precise, and steady positioning and eliminates the need for an extra person in the operating room. This cost-effective “O.R. Assistant” provides the surgeon with greater control in the O.R. environment.

With a 360º rotatable table clamp and adjustable height and angle features, the surgeon has the full range of motion needed to perform various procedures. With a quick adjustable lock control, the Martin’s Arm is steadier than the human hand and can eliminate the need for additional human assistance.

Martin's Arm Table Assistant Set

Martin's Arm Table Assistant Set

Martin's Arm Table Assistant Set

Why use the Martin’s Arm and what are the benefits?

See the Martin’s Arm in Action!

Martin’s arm can be used in wide variety of surgical applications, here are just few examples. Please note that these are surgical videos, viewer discretion advised.


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