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Community Mask Donation – Marina Medical hosts a drive-thru Mask Donation

On Friday, May 1, 2020, Marina Medical hosted a community drive-thru mask distribution event.  Together with local sponsors including Chabad of West Davie, The Law Office of Anidjar & Levine, and Repli Copier Subscriptions we were able to hand out 10,000 disposable face masks to help those in need.  The turnout was amazing with cars beginning to … Read more

Marina Medical Upgrades Needle Holder Line for 2015 Based on Customer Feedback

Sunrise, FL – Marina Medical launched a new line of upgraded needle holders for 2015 introducing exceptional features and a comprehensive range of designs that offer high functionality.  After evaluating customer feedback from surgeons, the engineering team at Marina went to work to make several improvements.  After months of research and testing, this new line … Read more

UnitedHealth’s Recent Move on Coverage Makes Minimally Invasive Surgery a Preferred Option

At the beginning of 2015, UnitedHealth announced that vaginal hysterectomies would not require prior approval.  As of April 2015, it will require prior authorization for most types of hysterectomies.  Outpatient vaginal hysterectomy is exempt from this approval.  The push is fueled by  an FDA investigation of high power morcellators.  These morcellators can spread malignant tissue … Read more

Marina Medical Hosts Dr. Luis Da Cruz to Present Gluteal Augmentation Techniques

Marina Medical’s participation in the recent Baker Gordon Education Symposium was highlighted by the presentations of Dr. Luis Da Cruz on The Triple Tool. Dr. Da Cruz and the Marina Medical team collaborated to create The Triple Tool to facilitate control and precision in gluteal augmentation. Surgeons from around the world were able to speak … Read more

Marina Medical Plans More Innovative Instrumentation for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Marina Medical Instruments continues to innovate and offer specialized surgical instrumentation in support of minimally invasive surgery.  While this topic has been especially highlighted in recent years, it has always been a goal for the team at Marina Medical to help doctors provide the best patient results possible.  This is especially true in the fields … Read more

Marina Medical Gives Surgeons an Extra Hand in the Operating Room with Martin’s Arm

Every good surgeon knows that he can’t do it alone. But having additional staff in the Operating Room also comes with its own set of concerns. Visibility can often be obstructed. Clutter and lack of space is a key challenge to operating room safety. The modern O.R. is quite small (typically 300 to 550 square … Read more

Marina Medical Offers Multi-Trac Retractor as a Comprehensive Yet Flexible Solution for Proper Surgical Exposure

Multi-Trac Logo

Sunrise, FL –  Marina Medical created the Multi-Trac Retractor System as a way to offer flexibility and proper surgical exposure for a wide range of surgeries.  The Multi-Trac is a multiple surgical retractor and can be used for general, urology, bariatric, vaginal, rectal and pediatric surgeries. “Marina Medical has worked with many hospitals and surgical … Read more

Marina Medical Supports Work of Dr. Rosanne Kho in Live Webcast for AAGL Surgery U

Sunrise, FL — On September 28, Dr. Rosanne M. Kho participated in a live demonstration and a review of tissue extraction for the Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists  (AAGL) Surgery U.  As a leader in Gynecological surgical supplies, Marina Medical supports the work of Dr. Kho to achieve safe tissue extraction through minimally invasive gynecology.  “It … Read more