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Dr. Cerkes Rhinoplasty Set

Cerkes Open Rhinoplasty Set

Cerkes Rhinoplasty Video Preview

cerkes_DVDLibrary-QMPGet the 2-DVD set: “The Cerkes Rhinoplasty Video Library” from QMP at QMP.com or by phone at 800-348-7808.

Articles by Dr. Nazim Cerkes from QMP Plastic Surgery Pulse News:

Achieving Anterior Aesthetic Balance in Rhinoplasty

Problem Cases in RhinoplastyCerkesFlyer_tn

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About Dr. Nazim Cerkes

DrCerkesPhoto3Dr. Nazim Cerkes is known internationally for his techniques in rhinoplasty and facial aesthetic surgery. He is often asked to speak and perform live surgery demonstrations at events throughout the world.

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Here are the products that we developed and designed with Dr. Nazim Cerkes himself! In addition, you will find conventional instruments that Dr. Nazim Cerkes uses in his Rhinoplasties.

Please Note: This is not a complete set, our IT department is currently adding more products to the site.

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