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Sonon 500L Ultrasound


Leading the scene in handheld ultrasound, the Sonon 500L is designed to empower healthcare professionals with access to exceptional imaging capabilities and diagnostic precision to your finger tips wherever and whenever you need it.

Main Characteristics

Removable Battery

The Sonon 500L boasts an impressive battery that is rechargeable and interchangeable with an additional battery that comes included incase there’s no time to recharge.

Compatibility with iPhone, iPad, and Windows

The Sonon 500L is compatible to use with mobile cellular devices, tablets, and Windows computers. Supported with a frequency that is ideal in a point of care device makes this a go-to for Nurses, PAs, PTs and healthcare practitioners.

Portable and Handheld

This ultrasound device is ultra-portable easily fitting into a lab coat pocket or medical bag. Can be taken to remote locations, emergency situations, or in a regular clinic but without the hassle of carrying around heavy equipment

Wide Range of Application

The Sonon 500L is versatile, suitable for a broad spectrum including Vascular access, Pain and Biologic therapy injections, Dialysis, MSK, Thyroid and DVT diagnosis. Providing an adaptable device for an environments that’s constantly changing.

Technical Specifications

Frequency6 to 12MHz
Maximum DepthUp to 6cm
Weight260 grams
Operating ModesB, CF, PW, M
ApplicationNeedle Guidance, MSK, Vascular, Breast, Thyroid, Thoracic/Pleural motion. Fluid detection, DVT, Bladder
Software CompatibilityApple
BatteryComes with 2 battery’s included lasting 2 hrs. 30min each (1 hr. 30min charge time)

Florida’s House and Senate passed a plastic surgery bill, HB 1471, mandating the use of ultrasound guidance during gluteal fat grafting (BBL) to ensure that fat is only being injected into the subcutaneous space, and not accidentally injected deeper which can result in the fat being injected into the muscle.

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