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Dr. Ernest DiGeronimo

Dr Ernest DiGeronimo

We now know that our perception of our physical appearance plays a vital role in our self-esteem. Being pleased with our appearance improves self-esteem, allowing us to enjoy the many benefits that come with having confidence in ourselves.

If we have a good self image, it is likely that we will function more effectively in our workplace, feel secure in our personal relationships and interact positively with others.  Retaining a youthful and pleasing appearance allows us to better reflect the way we feel about ourselves.Dr. Ernest DiGeronimo is a plastic surgeon in private practice in Aventura. He is committed to providing his patients with the highest quality surgical care that is performed with your safety, comfort and privacy in mind. Dr. DiGeronimo is a man of passion; in the way that he performs his work and in the manner with which he lives his life.  His greatest gift is his artistic vision that allows him to see what others cannot see, and do what others cannot imagine.Dr. DiGeronimo was trained in the “art of plastic surgery” by the world – renowned surgeon Dr. Ralph Millard, considered by most plastic surgeons as one of the founding fathers of modern plastic surgery.  He has since perfected his skills by performing thousands of cosmetic operations that he fondly refers to as his personal “works of art” over the past 35 years.His surgical philosophy is to enhance each patient’s unique qualities to achieve the most natural looking results.  He is often visited by other surgeons from all over the world that wish to learn his rare approach to plastic surgery.

Dr. DiGeronimo understands that making the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal choice. From the time of the initial consultation, Dr. D (as he is affectionately called by his patients) takes the time to form a bond with each patient that transcends the usual doctor patient relationship.  He discusses each patient’s goals and expectations openly and honestly. It is not unusual for him to discourage a particular operation if he feels that it will not achieve desired results for the patient.  His warm and caring manner coupled with humble down – to –earth approach has allowed him to develop an incredibly loyal following among his patients.

His skilled and compassionate staff is a reflection of Dr. DiGeronimo himself. The operations are performed in a state of the art surgical facility that has been recognized as practicing to the highest standards of office based surgery by a state licensed accrediting agency. The staff addressed the needs of each patient working to facilitate the process and guide the patient step by step through each stage of surgery.