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Dr. Joel J. Feldman

Dr. Feldman
Dr Joel J Feldman

Dr. Joel J. Feldman, Associate Professor of Surgery, Part-Time, Emeritus, Harvard Medical School, is widely regarded as the world expert in neck lift surgery. His book NECK LIFT, published in 2006, remains the definitive reference on the subject. He is credited with developing many of the modern surgical techniques used to re-shape and rejuvenate the neck and jawline, including the “submental neck lift”, the “isolated neck lift”, neck “skin redistribution”, the “corset platysmaplasty”, subplatysmal aesthetic surgery – including peri-hyoid fascial and anterior digastric muscle adjustments, and the “transcutaneous traction suture” for manipulating large or “malpositioned” submandidibular salivary glands. The durability of his approach to the neck lift operation was highlighted in the article, “Neck Lift My Way: An Update” published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in December 2014.

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In conjunction with the development of his pioneering operative techniques, Dr. Feldman also developed a number of surgical instruments that he describes as making “controlled surgery through small incisions easier, safer, and better.” Marina Medical is proud to exclusively offer these instruments.

Dr. Feldman graduated from Dartmouth College with honors in 1965. He graduated  from Harvard Medical School with honors in 1969. He trained in general surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 1969-1974, and in plastic surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1974-1976. He is board certified in surgery (1975) and plastic surgery (1977). He is a fellow of the American College of Surgery, a past president of the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a former member of the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For many years he was on the staff at the Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA, the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA., and the Shriners Burns Institute in Boston, MA. In 2007, Dr. Feldman was honored by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons with their Clinician of the Year Award for lifetime contributions to both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.