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VNEW™ Precut Shaped Decellularized Dermal Allograft

Like DermaPure®, VNEW™ is a next generation decellularized dermal allograft, both processed with dCELL® Technology.

VNEW™ is a non-oriented dual dermis allograft available in two precut shapes – anterior and posterior.

VNEW™ is intended to be used for the repair, replacement, or reconstruction of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue in the pelvic floor, including gender affirmation procedures. VNEW™ also provides supplemental support to soft tissue (ligament) repairs in anterior, posterior, and apical prolapse procedures.

What is dCELL® Technology?

Unlike alternative processes, dCELL® Technology results in greater than 99% DNA removal and produces decellularized biological tissue with virtually no structural disruption, thus providing an optimal replacement for the damaged extracellular matrix, allowing the patient’s living, native cells to populate and integrate ultimately achieving the goals of soft tissue healing and regeneration.

What is VNEW™ Precut Allograft?

VNEW™ is a next generation, decellularized, non-oriented, dual dermis allograft. Available in two precut shapes – anterior and posterior. Both processed with dCELL® Technology.


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