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FDA Approves Ultrasonic Technology for Rhinoplasty

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ (October 31, 2017) – COMEG Medical Technologies, a division of Acteon Inc., announced today the expansion of its Piezotome® M+ product line in the US, with the recent approval to market and sell ten innovative bone surgery tips, specifically designed for ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

The use of ultrasonic technology in rhinoplasty is a disruptive surgical approach allowing for the correction of the dorsal bony hump, nasal asymmetry, narrowing of a wide bony vault and correction of a deviated septum by sculpting, precisely cutting and drilling. This new technique allows the surgeon to treat all bone types in the nasal pyramid with enhanced precision, while preventing soft tissue injury. Compared to traditional rhinoplasty, these clinical benefits aid in less post-operative bruising and swelling; leading to faster patient recovery and social life re-integration with stable long-term results. In addition, rhinoplasty complication rates are reduced with the ability to sculpt and reshape bones under direct visualization, rather than breaking them blindly, as has been the accepted technique until now.

Dr. Olivier Gerbault, Vincennes, France
“Piezoelectric surgery is a real disruptive technology in rhinoplasty, it allows a paradigm shift in the way of reshaping bones in rhinoplasty. It simplifies dramatically the way to perform hump reduction and osteotomies in rhinoplasty and adds a new dimension by allowing the possibility to sculpt and to polish nasal bones. Stable bones can be positioned with an unparalleled accuracy under direct vision and reshaped to achieve a perfect symmetry and smoothness of the bony vault. Moreover, this technique is easy, with a quick learning curve, simple to teach and the recovery is very fast as post-op ecchymosis is significantly reduced. For the first time in the history of rhinoplasty, a custom reshaping of the nasal bones is easily achievable. Piezoelectric surgery is part of the current evolution of 21st century surgery; aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty are profoundly impacted by this disruptive technology.”

These ultrasonic tips are the first and only exclusively designed for use in rhinoplasty:

  • Rasps and a scraper to remove excess bone (dorsal hump and/or lateral convexities) and to carefully remodel the nasal
  • Multiple uniquely designed saws for all osteotomies, as well as rib cartilage graft harvesting.
  • A drill for accessing the nasal spine to allow for suture
  • A long septal saw for the safe and precise harvest of the

Additionally, COMEG Medical Technologies has entered into a distribution agreement with Marina Medical Instruments, Inc. to sell the Piezotome® M+ in North America. Marina Medical will be promoting the entire Piezotome® M+ line at the upcoming 2017 conferences:

2nd Global Aesthetics Conference

November 2 – 5

Miami, FL

2017 Florida Combined Otolaryngology Meeting

November 10 – 12

Orlando, FL

13th Annual QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium

November 17 – 19

Chicago, IL

The Aston Baker Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium

November 30 – December 2

New York, NY

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