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Marina Medical Plans More Innovative Instrumentation for Minimally Invasive Surgery

MarinaLogoMarina Medical Instruments continues to innovate and offer specialized surgical instrumentation in support of minimally invasive surgery.  While this topic has been especially highlighted in recent years, it has always been a goal for the team at Marina Medical to help doctors provide the best patient results possible.  This is especially true in the fields of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Aesthetic surgery.

For over a decade, Marina Medical has worked closely with many surgeons in the various areas of medicine including OBGYN, Aesthetics and Ear, Nose and Throat. In 2015 that commitment will continue as they launch new products developed around breakthrough techniques by leaders in surgery.  In past innovations, unique instrumentation such as The Martin’s Arm used with lighted Lucite stents can offer surgeons proper exposure and much needed light in smaller operating rooms or in places with tables that are difficult to position.  This one set of instrumentation solves many problems that surgeons can encounter and provide the ultimate in flexibility and proper surgical exposure.

This year will usher in more design development and close collaboration with top doctors to support new surgical techniques.  In the move toward more minimally invasive surgery for all disciplines, doctors continue to need specialized instruments.  As surgeons find creative solutions in surgery that offer patients better results and quicker recovery, Marina Medical will help design and manufacture instruments to provide proper access and exposure without unnecessary trauma to the patient.

Marina Medical Instruments plans to grow on its previous successes with products such as Martin’s Arm, lighted stents, fiber-optic lighted retractors and micro cannulas into the future where surgeons and patients both benefit from forward-thinking design and technology.

About Marina Medical

Marina Medical has been a leader in providing surgical instrumentation for obstetrics and gynecology since 1998.  With a deep commitment to technological advances, Marina Medical regularly works directly with top surgeons to develop specialized instrumentation for OB/GYN and plastic surgery procedures.  As an exclusive distributor of Koume Lipoplasty products, Marina Medical also provides instrumentation and innovative solutions in the field of regenerative medicine.  To learn more, visit their website: https://marinamedical.com/