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Sonon 500L Ultrasound


The new leader in wireless handheld Ultrasound.
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Introducing the Sonon 500L Ultrasound, the future of portable ultrasound technology. Bringing high quality colored imaging to a handheld device; including PW and M-Mode functions, JPEG and DICOM file formats as well as full ownership of all images captured.

Weighing in at 260 grams, this ultrasound device incredibly portable making it ideal for any remote locations, emergency situations, or point of care without having to carry around heavy equipment.


Product Highlights

Frequency 6 to 12MHz
Maximum Depth Up to 6cm
Weight 260 grams
Operating Modes B, CF, PW, M
Application Needle Guidance, MSK, Vascular, Breast, Thyroid, Thoracic/Pleural motion. Fluid detection, DVT, Bladder
Software Compatibility Apple
Battery Comes with 2 battery’s included. Full charge provides 2 hrs. 30min of scanning and 10 hours of standby.


What’s Included

  • Sonon 500L Ultrasound
  • AC Charger
  • Two rechargeable batteries