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The Soft K-Cot Finger-Controlled Brush Curette

Soft K-Cot, Minimalism at its finest

The Soft K-Cot is a cutting-edge, single-use nitrile finger cot with a built-in brush/curette designed to be worn over a pre-gloved finger. Typically, the index finger is the primary choice, though in certain scenarios, the middle finger can also be utilized (optimal for larger wounds where two cots may be needed). Featuring an ergonomic oval-shaped fabric-covered fingertip, it excels at efficiently dislodging and removing debris and necrotic tissue from wound surfaces. Moreover, it is ideal for gathering wound-base tissue samples, essential for in-depth analysis.

Why Use a Soft K-Cot

What sets the Soft K-Cot apart is its innovative hooked medical pad that leverages the patented Kylon, a specially engineered fabric with individually arranged hooks. These hooks delicately and effectively abrade tissue, collecting potential specimens entrapped within the rows of hooks and fabric. Importantly, only moderate force is required to expose the stiffest part of the hook, enabling frictional curettage of soft or semi-solid wound tissue. Choose the Soft K-Cot for precise and efficient tissue care and collection. Check it out in our shop!!!