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Marina Medical Vascular Tunneler

Gore Tunneler 65cm

Marina Medical supplies vascular tunnelers for all application coming in a curve, slight curve, and XL size. All vascular tunnelers are made fully of stainless steel with an aluminum handle supporting a replaceable tip.

These Vascular Graft Tunneling systems are designed to create a subcutaneous tunnel for the placement of a vascular graft in both peripheral and AV access application. The tunnelers are designed to minimize damage and trauma to soft tissue while still creating a tunnel size to match that of the graft diameter.

The Most Appropriate Tunneling Device

The Marina Medical Vascular Tunneler is designed for the subcutaneous implantation of a vascular graft with a larger tissue passage These tunnelers consist of a hollow rigid stainless steel shaft connected to the aluminum handle. At one end we have the detachable bullet tip. This instrument is employed to gently create a tunnel by pushing the bullet-tipped hollow shaft through the tissue. Following the suturing of the graft material to the inner rod, the vascular graft can be smoothly pulled through the entire length of the larger hollow tube. Once the graft is correctly positioned, and still within the shaft, the shaft can be removed from the tissue tunnel without extracting the graft from the subcutaneous passage. This makes wound trauma very minimal and avoids any need for a counter incision along the course of the graft.