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Introducing Our Sonon 500L Ultrasound

Sonon To The Rescue

Marina Medical is proud to say that the Sonon 500L Ultrasound has proven itself to come onto market at a crucial time, Earlier this year Florida’s House and Senate passed the state’s first plastic surgery bill, HB 1471, which has made the use of ultrasound guidance mandatory during any gluteal fat grafting procedure’s to protect patients safety and security. Signed July 1, 2023, Florida physicians are now required to use ultrasound guidance during these procedures to ensure that fat is injected only into the subcutaneous space and never into muscle which inadvertently causes many health issues. The Florida State law also follows the adoption of the 90-day Emergency Rule that was filed by the Board of Medicine and authorized by the Florida Department of state. Not only mandating the same use of ultrasound guidance during these Gluteal fat grafts but also the ultrasound video recorded during the procedure.

What is Ultrasound?

Providing a safe and non-invasive way to examine various bodily tissues and organs, ultrasounds utilize high-frequency sound waves to visualize the structures inside of the human body. With the Sonon, physicians are able to utilize its compact profile to wield it in one hand and in the other, any cannula or needle providing a pin point accurate guidance system insuring the safety of the patient is always the first thing on their mind. The key is in how these waves interact with the body. As the ultrasound waves pass through the body’s many different tissues of varying density, their boundaries reflect the waves back into the Sonons transducer and transmits an image onto the screen used by the physician. The Sonon 500L Ultrasound may not be the most expensive or flashiest Ultrasound system, but here at Marina Medical we provide the necessities for safe procedures and top of the line care for all of our clients patients.

Serving as a pivotal tool in adhering to these new regulations, The Sonon not only aligns with Florida’s new legislation but also underscores its dedication to patient well-being and advancement of non-invasive medical technology. This Ultrasound ensures that gluteal fat grafting, BBL, procedures are conducted with the most precision and safety, reflecting the evolving standards in the medical field and emphasizing the importance of patient health.