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Newly Upgraded HD Wireless Endoscopic Camera in stock NOW

Endoscopic Camera examinations just got a whole lot clearer

How clear? Crystal clear. Marina Medical is now receiving orders for the HD Wireless Endoscopic Camera streaming at high definition live video in 720p. Transmitting to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, the user is enabled to view and record images or pictures on the screen of their choosing providing unmatched mobility and conveniency.

Possibilities Are Endless

Application plays a big role in the utility of an instrument and with this HD Wireless Endoscopic Camera you’ll find that its applicable in more ways than most endoscopic instruments. Many of the video endoscopic cameras on the market today are just not practical in a busy practitioners office. They are typically a part of a larger Endoscopy unit that are used for rigid endoscopy which are on large towers or carts that have to be wheeled around the clinic. While the camera quality produced may be better, they simply become impractical to use due to the large size of the equipment. HD Wireless Endoscopic Camera is not only made better by its portability but also its overall medical application, being used for ENT, Urology, Gynecology, and even Veterinary examinations.

Furthermore, the devices unprecedented level of convenience to medical procedures and broad spectrum of application makes it exceptional. This level of adaptability ensures that the HD Wireless Endoscopic Camera is a valuable tool across a wide range of medical fields, making it a noteworthy advanced in your tool set. Marina Medical has made this product available for you and you’re patients.