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Marina Medical Gives Surgeons an Extra Hand in the Operating Room with Martin’s Arm

110-652MartinsArmWIthClamp350x500Every good surgeon knows that he can’t do it alone. But having additional staff in the Operating Room also comes with its own set of concerns. Visibility can often be obstructed. Clutter and lack of space is a key challenge to operating room safety. The modern O.R. is quite small (typically 300 to 550 square feet), and was not designed for the proliferation of high-tech equipment that is used today. Operating tables are not always multifunctional. Manually tilting or rotating tables can be confusing for staff. And in a crowded room it is often difficult for a surgeon to find the proper space for optimal positioning during surgery.

Equipment like Marina Medical’s Martin’s Arm provides a good solution to many of these problems. This cost-effective “O.R. Assistant” provides the surgeon with greater control in the O.R. environment. With a 360º rotatable table clamp and adjustable height and angle features, the surgeon has the full range of motion needed to perform various procedures. With quick adjustable Lock Control, the Martin’s Arm is steadier than the human hand and can eliminate the need for additional human assistance.

About Marina Medical

Marina Medical has been a leader in providing surgical instrumentation for obstetrics and gynecology since 1998.  With a deep commitment to technological advances, Marina Medical regularly works directly with top surgeons to develop specialized instrumentation for OB/GYN and plastic surgery procedures.  As an exclusive distributor of Koume Lipoplasty products, Marina Medical also provides instrumentation and innovative solutions in the field of regenerative medicine.  To learn more, visit their website: https://marinamedical.com/.