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Marina Medical Offers Multi-Trac Retractor as a Comprehensive Yet Flexible Solution for Proper Surgical Exposure

Sunrise, FL –  Marina Medical created the Multi-Trac Retractor System as a way to offer flexibility and proper surgical exposure for a wide range of surgeries.  The Multi-Trac is a multiple surgical retractor and can be used for general, urology, bariatric, vaginal, rectal and pediatric surgeries.

“Marina Medical has worked with many hospitals and surgical centers for over a decade and we understand their need to provide the highest standards of patient care while managing resources.” said Alexander Barron, CEO of Marina Medical.  “Our vision for the Multi-Trac was to offer options to help surgeons achieve desired results without compromise.”

Multi-Trac With Color Coded ChartThe comprehensive design allows for total flexibility in providing the necessary surgical exposure and minimizing complications for the patient.  At times surgeons are unwilling to extend the abdominal incision particularly in gynecological surgery which means diminished exposure.  Hand-held retractors require operating room personnel and can obscure a direct view of the procedure for the surgical assistant. A retractor like Multi-Trac eliminates the need for hand-held retractors while providing appropriate surgical exposure.   It offers nearly 20 possible ring configurations and hundreds of retractor blade styles.  Marina Medical also offers sterilization supplies and complete sets for use with the Multi-Trac for different specialties with the required combination of blades, rings and retractors.


About Marina Medical

Marina Medical has been a leader in providing surgical instrumentation for obstetrics and gynecology since 1998.  With a deep commitment to technological advances, Marina Medical regularly works directly with top surgeons to develop specialized instrumentation for OB/GYN and plastic surgery procedures.  As an exclusive distributor of Koume Lipoplasty products, Marina Medical also provides instrumentation and innovative solutions in the field of regenerative medicine.  To learn more, visit their website: https://marinamedical.com/ or visit their booth at Plastic Surgery The Meeting in Chicago, October 10 – 14.