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Feldman Hook Set




Minimally-invasive and quickly and safely inserted just under the chin at the midline where there are no anatomic structures of any significance that can be injured. The hooks’ horizontal shank connect with the Feldman Arm to provide a stable upward tilt of the chin for excellent visibility and maneuverability through a submental incision, and also provide stable protraction (“jaw thrust”) for maintenance of an open airway during TIVA.


  • J-Hooks have a sharp tip for spearing the bony gnathion, and a horizontal shank that conveniently serves as a hand grip for re-setting chin position when the patient’s head is turned to the side
  • Mini J-Hooks have a shorter vertical shank for an easier work- around. Mini-J’s can also pull an anterior digastric muscle toward the midline to facilitate a submandibular salivary gland resection
  • C-Hooks interfere least with surgery performed through a submental incision. Their semi-circular bend mimics the convexity at the front of the chin, and their slightly blunted tip slides easily behind the bone where it finds a purchase just caudal to the genial tubercles
  • All Three Styles available with a right-sided and left-sided horizontal shank that places the joint between the Arm and the Hook off to the side, and well away from the focus of operative activity

Feldman Hooks are sold either individually or as a set.

777-SET Complete set of Hooks (6pc)
777-501 C-Hook Left
777-502 C-Hook Right
777-503 Long J-Hook Left
777-504 Long J-Hook Right
777-505 Short J-Hook Left
777-506 Short J-Hook Right