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Histologics ECC and Cervical Exam Products

Soft-ECC Endocervical curette
Spirabrush CX Histologics

Here on our website, Marina Medical proudly stocks Histologics line of Woman’s health projects. The Soft-ECC, Soft-ECC-S, and SpiraBrush CX are made with the purpose of putting women’s health as a priority; empowering the physician with the tools needed for superior sampling. Their products become invaluable for the physician in early detection, diagnosis, and prevention of various gynecological conditions for all women.

Soft-ECC and Soft-ECC-S

Endocervical Curettage, or ECC, is a minimally invasive yet highly effective procedure used in gynecological examinations. It involves the gentle scraping of the endocervical canal to collect tissue samples. With Histologics Soft-ECC and ECC-S, only difference between the two is the S version having a smaller pad size designed for the stenotic cervix, this fabric based tissue collection, storage, and transport device system works incredibly affectvely. Having the two sizes available makes this product even more adaptable and can be applied to the broad range of procedure’s: to biopsy the endocervical canal during colposcopy or the evaluation of abnormal vaginal/uterine bleeding. This is the only minimally invasive simultaneous biopsy device combined with a tissue trap system available for this use.

SpiraBrush CX

The SpiraBrush is an innovative device designed for improved sample collection during cervical screenings, the unique nylon bristle brush with a twisted and much stiffer design sets it apart from the rest. Where the Soft-ECC and ECC-S brushes are used for endocervical sampling, the SpiraBrush is able to sample the ectocervical tissue with the same minimally invasive effects.