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Pelosi Buttocks and Breast Fat Transfer Set


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The Perfect Set for Buttocks and Breast Augmentation with Fat

Buttocks and breast augmentations are the top augmentation procedures in the world and the right equipment is essential for consistent results.

This instrument set provides you with everything you need to collect the fat, prepare the recipient site, and inject effectively.

Each tool delivers a specific function in the augmentation process to give you maximum efficiency and predictable control.

​Key Features

  • Unsurpassed tools for recipient site preparation, softening and augmentation
  • Blunt-tipped ergonomic design for maximum safety in buttocks and breasts
  • Purpose-built and efficient fat transfer cannulas
  • The best fat harvest collection bottle on the market
  • Convenient and secure luer-lock designs
  • Easy to clean and maintain

​The Buttocks & Breast Fat Transfer Set: 7 Instruments

Two Luer-Lock Injection Cannulas for Medium and Large Volume Fat Transfer

  • 800-345:  Spoon Tip 14G x 20cm, straight
  • 800-344:  Spoon Tip 14G x 20cm, curved

Two Instruments for Recipient Site Softening and Undermining

  • MMP-10449:  Disruptor Cannula 3mm x 32cm, solid handle
  • 254-520:  Pelosi Scar Release Scissors 3mm x 23cm

One Luer-Lock Syringe-to-Syringe Transfer Connector

  • ​800-155:  Transfer, Luer-Lock to Luer-Lock 1.4mm internal diameter

One Large Volume Fat Collection Bottle Set

  • MMP-10035 (bottle) and MMP-10237 (lid):  Pelosi Fat Collection Bottle 1800cc with rubber stopper, hose barbs x 2, autoclavable

One Syringe Holder Rack for All Sizes up to 60cc

  • 800-504:  Syringe Rack 60cc (21mm diameter openings), holds 21 syringes, 3 x 7 rows, autoclavable, plastic