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SpiraBrush CX®


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SpiraBrush CX® is a time-honored device used to perform a cervical or lower genital tract biopsy.

During clinical settings such as colposcopy, a biopsy of the exocervix or lower genital tract may be indicated. If there is a suspicion of neoplasia, the SpiraBrush CX® device, with a patented spiral shaped stiff bristle brush, can be used to collect tissue from the cervix as an alternative to other punch biopsy devices. This device is designed to provide abundant transepithelial histology samples. When carefully applied to the lesion, pressed and rotated, the 1/2 inch diameter bristle array, will gently micro-puncture the tissue and trap numerous full thickness tissue pieces like multiple small punch biopsies. The SpiraBrush CX® abrades the epithelium into the submucosa and traps the specimen between the straight stiff bristle array. Once tissue is collected, the device head can be snapped from the handle after the biopsy and placed in the liquid fixative vial for transport tot the lab.


  • Ease of use: Gently press on cervical or vaginal lesion and rotate to obtain a biopsy specimen
  • No pinching or cutting tissue – Minimally invasive
  • Less need for hemostasis following biopsy
  • Trans-epithelial histological sample
  • Process as is customary for exocervical biopsy sample in the laboratory or as cell block

SpiraBrush CX® is an FDA-cleared cytology device and FDA compliant gynecological
biopsy device, providing specimens equivalent to the cervical punch biopsy.

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