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Dominant Flex Aspiration/Suction Pump – Turnkey System



Dominant Flex Suction Pump

The Dominant Flex Suction Pump is used for surgical operations where large quantities of fluid must be suctioned out quickly. Absolutely reliable, vibration-free and practically noiseless, it rapidly builds up a powerful vacuum.

Powerful and precise – The Dominant Flex impresses with its high suction performance. It was developed specifically for effective use in plastic, neuro- and general surgery. The Dominant Flex works with two piston/cylinder systems, and thanks to its low speed of rotation, it is amazingly quiet. Precise suction strength control is assured with a membrane vacuum regulator.

The Dominant Flex Suction Pump was designed to be used by medical facilities, hospitals, medical practices and clinics with its ability to be the optimal medical suction pump for all suction needs. The Dominant Flex suction pump can be used for surgical suction or as a backup to wall suction devices for many different applications in different practices, such as General Surgery, Liposuction, Neurosurgery and wound drainage.

Ergonomic design – The Dominant Flex is an Award-Winner for the outstanding quality of its design, functionality and ergonomics. It is easy to use, no problem to clean, and requires no maintenance.

Perfect in combination – Medela offers the Dominant Flex along with the flexible and combinable container system (Fluid Management System) as well as additional accessories. The Dominant Flex delivers long-lasting consistent performance.

We have put together a turn-key kit that includes everything that you need to operate and use the pump.

Our Turnkey system includes the following items: 

101010909 – Dominant Flex Rack Pump – 1 each
101010940 – Basic/Dominant Flex Trolley – 1 each
101011020 – Disposable Collection System Liner 2.5L (40 liners/bx,  3 bx/cs) – 1 case
101011019 – Disposable Collection System Jar (Canister) 2.5L – 2 each
101011117 – Clamp holder Plastic – 2 each
101011160 – Basic/Dominant Foot Switch
0770563* – Changeover Valve (101011133)

Dominant Flex Pump Features:

  • 120V/60Hz/US Plug
  • Piston/Cylinder System – results in low working speed, quiet, low strain on movable parts, minimum maintenance
  • Rapid vacuum build-up
  • Quiet drive system
  • Precise vacuum setting
  • Five year warranty
  • Protection against electric shock Class I


High Vacuum: -95kPa, -713mmHg
High Flow: 40,50,60 l/min
Power: 100-120VAC, 150W, 60Hz
Weight – Pump: 20.5 lbs (Rack version)
Weight – Trolley: 20.7 lbs
Dimensions – Pump: 8.2” H x 12.0” W x 14.7” D (Rack version)
Dimensions – Trolley: 26.4” x 19.3” x 8.7” (shipping)
Protection Class II: With a protective earth.
Potential equalization conductor: Maintains the difference in potential at 0, thus preventing any transfer of static electricity running through the patient
IP21: Protection from dripping water
Vacuum Gauge: kPa & mmHg


Additional Accessories
(available separately, not included with the kit).

101011017 – Disposable Collection System Liner 1.5L (40 liners/bx,  3 bx/cs)
101011016 – Disposable  Collection System Jar (Canister) 1.5L

Spare Parts (available separately, not included with the kit).

101011206 – Silicone Tubing w/2 couplings 7 x 12mm, length 30cm
101011207 – Silicone Tubing w/2 couplings 7 x 12mm, length 60cm
101011113 – Cover Lid for Safety Jar