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SoftBiopsy® Gynecological Biopsy Device


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SoftBiopsy® is the NEW simple and gentle approach to perform a cervical or lower genital tract biopsy.

During clinical settings such as colposcopy, a biopsy of the exocervix or lower genital tract may be indicated. If there is a suspicion of neoplasia, the SoftBiopsy® device, with a patented fabric (KYLON®) on the round tip, can be used to collect tissue from the cervix as an alternative to other punch biopsy devices. This device is designed to provide abundant trans-epithelial histology samples. When carefully applied to the lesion, pressed, and rotated, the round flat platform tip (just under 1/2 inch in diameter) KYLON® fabric will excavate numerous full thickness tissue pieces like multiple small punch biopsies. The
SoftBIopsy®, microscopically lifts, removes, and simultaneously collects the specimen within the basket rows of hooks and fabric. The KYLON® pad and distal device head can be simply snapped from the handle after the biopsy and placed in the liquid fixative vial for transport tot the lab.


  • Ease of use: apply with moderate pressure to the cervical or vaginal lesion and rotate to gently biopsy
  • No pinching or cutting tissue
  • Minimally invasive design
  • Abundant histological sample
  • Process as is customary for exocervical biopsy sample in the laboratory

What is KYLON?
KYLON® is a fabric with hooks that gently biopsies by compressing and frictionally lifting intact tissue fragments and simultaneously collects the specimen within the rows of hooks and fabric.

Kylon®, SoftBiopsy®, and Soft-ECC® are registered trademarks of Histologics LLC.