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Anti-Inflammatory Diet in the Era of COVID-19 – by Dean Toriumi, MD


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The book, entitled, Anti-Inflammatory Diet in the Era of Covid-19, provides the reader with a strategy to improve your general health, lose weight and potentially increase your lifespan through the incorporation of the anti-inflammatory diet.

The AI-keto (eye·key-toe) diet is introduced as an anti-inflammatory version of the keto diet for those who would like to trim their waistline yet eat healthy. This diet shows how you can stay below 50 net carbs per day on an anti-inflammatory diet.

The book provides recipes and meal plans to help guide you through different levels of the diet. As you become more committed to getting less inflamed, you can move on to stricter versions of the diet.

The electronic app for the book allows readers to directly access websites and references pertinent to the diet right on their iPhone, android or tablet. All the information that you will need is available by just clicking on the links.

ISBN 978-1-7357004-0-3


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