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Pelosi Premium Fat Transfer Set


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The Only Set that Delivers All of Your Fat Transfer Needs

Whether it’s small-volume or high-volume, whether it’s face, body, buttocks, genital or hands, this full spectrum instrument set has you covered.

This dynamic set even includes convenient and effective fat harvesting tools that integrate with all liposuction machines on the market.

This is the perfect set for the complete body contouring specialist seeking to deliver the top requested procedures at the highest level.

​Key Features

  • Unsurpassed patterns for autologous fat transfer under all conditions
  • Full- spectrum of sizes for high volume and low volume fat transfer
  • Purpose-built and efficient low volume fat harvesting cannulas
  • The best fat harvest collection bottle on the market
  • Convenient and secure luer-lock designs
  • Easy to clean and maintain

​The Premium Fat Transfer Set: 12 Instruments + Sterilization Case

Two Luer-Lock Injection Cannulas for Medium and Large Volume Fat Transfer

  • 800-345:  Spoon Tip 14G x 20cm, straight
  • 800-344:  Spoon Tip 14G x 20cm, curved

Three Luer-Lock Injection Cannulas for Small Volume Fat Transfer

  • 800-325:  Blunt Tip 18G x 7cm, straight, for face
  • 800-335:  Blunt Tip 16G x 12cm, straight, for face and non-face
  • 800-391:  V Tip 16G x 10cm, straight, for fibrous tissue lines

Two Luer-Lock Cannulas for Small Volume Syringe Fat Harvesting

  • 800-205:  Khouri Harvester 12G x 20cm, for reinjection with 14G and 16G cannulas
  • 800-405:  Moses Micro Harvester 11G x 15cm, for reinjection with 18G cannulas

Two Syringe Springs for Small Volume Fat Harvesting

  • MMP-10244:  Liposuction Spring for 30cc syringes
  • MMP-10243:  Liposuction Spring for 60cc syringes

One Luer-Lock Syringe-to-Syringe Transfer Connector

  • ​800-155:  Transfer, Luer-Lock to Luer-Lock 1.4mm internal diameter

One Large Volume Fat Collection Bottle Set

  • MMP-10035 (bottle) and MMP-10237 (lid):  Pelosi Fat Collection Bottle 1800cc with rubber stopper, hose barbs x 2, autoclavable

One Syringe Holder Rack for All Sizes up to 60cc

  • 800-504:  Syringe Rack 60cc (21mm diameter openings), holds 21 syringes, 3 x 7 rows, autoclavable, plastic

One Sterilization Container

  • 300-202:  Sterilization Container 25 x 15 x 3.8cm, for all items except springs and bottle