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Pelosi Breast Liposuction Set


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The Only Set Specifically Designed for Breast & Gynecomastia

If you want an effective no-nonsense solution for sculpting tough fibro glandular breast tissue, then you need the right tools for the job.

With an arsenal of tools to soften and reduce both the fibrous and the fatty elements found in all breast tissue, this set stands alone.

Shaped and sized for maximum range under all conditions, you will have maximum control.

Key Features

  • Ultra-effective hole patterns for extracting breast tissue in women and men
  • Ergonomic handles for maximum control and minimum fatigue
  • Unique scissors for releasing adhesions and nipple eversion
  • One-piece design for rapid no-hassle setup
  • Easy to clean and sterilize

​The Breast Liposuction Set: 5 Instruments

One ​Disruptor Cannula for Tissue Softening

  • MMP-10449:  Disruptor 3mm x 32cm, solid handle

One Cannula for Soft Tissue Contouring

  • MMP-10446:  Candy Cane 3mm x 32cm

Two Cannulas for Dense Tissue Contouring

  • MMP-10477:  Pelosi Breast and Gynecomastia 3mm x 32cm
  • MMP-10478:  Pelosi Breast and Gynecomastia 4mm x 32cm

One Scar Release Scissors for Superficial Undermining

  • 254-520:  Pelosi Scar Release Scissors 3mm x 23cm