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Pelosi Premium Liposuction Set


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This is the First and Last Liposuction Set that You Will Ever Need

If you want an effective no-nonsense solution for sculpting everything you will ever need to sculpt, then this is your set.

It’s three sets in one:

(1) The Standard Liposuction Set for body contouring
(2) The Neck Liposuction Set for jawline definition and contouring
(3) The Breast Liposuction Set for breast and gynecomastia reduction.

It is the perfect set for all hospitals, surgicenters, and private office practices that deliver the full range of aesthetic surgical services

​Key Features

  • Unsurpassed patterns for efficient tissue contouring
  • Full- range maximum efficiency instruments
  • No-assembly fail-safe one-piece designs
  • Excellent for fat harvesting
  • Ergonomic heavy-duty handles
  • Easy to clean and maintain

​The Premium Liposuction Set: 12 Instruments

Three ​Disruptor Cannulas for Tissue Softening

  • MMP-10027 – Disruptor 3mm x 15cm, solid handle
  • MMP-10449 – Disruptor 3mm x 32cm, solid handle
  • MMP-10346 – Disruptor 4mm x 32cm, solid handle

Two Pelosi Avellanet Cannula for Superficial Contouring

  • MMP-10006 – Pelosi Avellanet 2.5mm x 15cm, vented handle
  • MMP-10003  – Pelosi Avellanet 2.5mm x 32cm, vented handle

One Saylan Cannula for Superficial Contouring and Softening

  • MMP-10025 – Saylan 2.5cm x 15cm

Three Candy Cane Cannulas for Contouring and Fat Harvesting

  • MMP-10421:  Candy Cane 3mm x 15cm
  • MMP-10446:  Candy Cane 3mm x 32cm
  • MMP-10440:  Candy Cane 4mm x 32cm

Two Pelosi Breast and Gynecomastia Cannulas for Fibro glandular Contouring

  • MMP-10477:  Pelosi Breast and Gynecomastia 3mm x 32cm, Large Aluminum Handle
  • MMP-10478:  Pelosi Breast and Gynecomastia 4mm x 32cm, Large Aluminum Handle

One Pelosi Scar Release Scissors for Superficial Undermining

  • 254-520:  Pelosi Scar Release Scissors 3mm x 23cm