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Soft ECC® Endocervical Curette


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Soft-ECC® and Soft-ECC-S® a NEW simple and gentle approach the Endocervical Curettage.

During clinical settings such as colposcopy or the evaluation of abnormal vaginal bleeding, a biopsy of the endocervix may be indicated. If there is a suspicion of neoplasia, the Soft-ECC® device with a patented fabric (KYLON®) on the tapered tip can be used to collect tissue from the endocervix as an alternative to other curettage devices. This device is designed to provide abundant trans-epithelial histology samples. When carefully inserted, the blunted tapered shaped KYLON® fabric covered device head and edges are designed to fit easily and gently into the cervical canal. The Soft-ECC® will frictionally abrade part or all of the glandular and squamous epithelial layer of the endocervix, while simultaneously collecting the specimen within the basket rows of hooks and fabric. If all or most of the KYLON®pad inserts into the canal, an endocervical curettage can be performed. There are now two pad sizes available for the Soft-ECC®. The Soft ECC-S® is a smaller pad size, designed for the shallow, short or stenotic cervix.


  • Ease of use: insert and rotate to gently scrape, not the old“insert and withdraw” sharp technique
  • Minimally invasive design
  • Abundant histological sample: simultaneous tissue collection and storage of the specimen for transport
  • Process as is customary for endocervical sample in the laboratory.

What is KYLON?
KYLON® is a fabric with individually arranged hooks that gently abrade with friction and simultaneously collects the specimen within the rows of hooks and fabric (as its basket platform)

Kylon®, SoftBiopsy®, and Soft-ECC® are registered trademarks of Histologics LLC.