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Soft K-Cot for Wound Debridement or Sampling


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Soft K-Cot® is the sterile single-use simple and gentle approach to perform a wound debridement or wound biopsy.
Wound management may require debridement, or a tangential biopsy of wound base tissue for microorganism analysis via molecular, culture, or anatomic pathology. The Soft K-Cot ® device has an oval shaped patented fabric (KYLON®) pad on the cot fingertip. With simultaneous tactile modulation, mechanical debridement can be achieved with light stroking of the slough or debris, while deep debridement can be achieved with a press and twist motion to detach the target areas for “cleaning”. The removed material can be simply wiped away with sterile gauze after debridement. Ifa sample is needed, a sterile Soft K-Cot ® can collect and trap tissue from the wound base or target as an alternative to a swab sample, punch, or curette biopsy devices. This Soft K-Cot® is designed to provide abundant histology samples, not simply fluid. The entire finger cot including tissue trapped in the KYLON® pad hook array can be simply removed and placed in a fixative vial for transport to the lab.

Why Use The Soft K-Cot® Device?

  • Ease of use – Apply with moderate pressure to the wound surface for debridement, or press and rotate to gently to collect tissue.• Designed for a compassionate patient experience and compliance
  • Abundant tissue samples can be collected and transported to the lab for testing (culture, molecular, anatomic pathology).
  • Intuitive design facilitates tactile, efficient user-control for targeted debridement or biopsy.
  • Fabric disk conforms to flat or curved wound surfaces.

What is KYLON®?
KYLON® is a fabric with hooks that gently biopsies by compressing and frictionally lifting intact tissue fragments and simultaneously collects the specimen within the rows of hooks and fabric.